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Curriculum & Assessment

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Youtube Series

Mr. Hainey Science

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Problem: AP Biology & Forensic Science students need to receive and review instruction outside of the classroom.

Solution: Create instructional video series on Youtube using Camtasia

  • Summary video for every topic in each course

  • Chromakey recording of instructor

  • Visuals and animations created in powerpoint

Software Training Assessment Plan

Problem: Training for teachers to use a new digital assessment platform needs to be monitored, reinforced, and evaluated

Solution: Develop & implement assessment plan

  • Plan spans Kirkpatrick's four levels of assessment

  • Evaluation of ROE & ROI

  • Feedback obtained and used at each level for refinement 

  • Proposal for future actions

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Plate Tectonics

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Meiosis Lab

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Google Applications for Education

Multiple Lessons

Problem: Digital instructional materials need to be as engaging, collaborative, and interactive as physical materials

Solution: Create hyper-document instructional materials that facilitate collaboration and engagement

  • Example 1: Plate Tectonics - Google Slides & Google Maps

  • Example 2: Meiosis Lab - Google Forms & Google Sheets

Assessment Action Research

Problem: Homework has caused negative social and emotional outcomes to students. An alternative to homework that maintains academic performance and alleviates negative outcomes is needed. 

Solution: Conduct action research project on frequent formative assessment as an alternative. 

  • 3 periods of AP biology students studies over 1 semester

  • Results demonstrated frequent formative assessment produced the same academic outcomes as homework with lower reported negative social and emotional outcomes

  • Studies results used to inform and change school policy

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